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Workforce Compliance Reporting

Workforce Compliance / Certified Payroll / Prevailing Wage Reporting is such a fact of life with government construction contracting, you'd think it would be easier to manage. That's why we offer consulting, training and support for payroll processing (in general) and certified payroll reporting (in particular). Whether you need your staff trained to insure that they're filing correctly, or you want an outsourced consultant that manages your payroll filings entirely, we are here to help. Since our founding, we have been committed to helping companies of all sizes develop and implement prevailing wage and Davis-Bacon best practices designed to reduce the risks associated with complex, public works project requirements. And Certified Payroll Reporting and Consulting is certainly a major part of that.

Stay in Compliance

Consulting, training and payroll support services that keep your company out of trouble and in compliance.

Improve Your Efficiency

Use your staff to help grow your business, instead of trying to stay current with payroll filing requirements.

Be More Profitable

Our certified payroll consulting services are about your bottom-line - keeping your company more compliant, protecting you from an adverse audit!

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